$14.99. Sort By Set Descending Direction. Features of Our Portable Chiller Units. Mobile Freezer for Sale. This is a Black Refrigerators for Sale in Sacramento CA posted on Oodle Classifieds. Hours of Operation Open Monday through Friday 10 to 4 and Saturday and Sunday 10 to 5 Weather permitting. Specifications. color swatch. For the best chance of winning, place a max bid now, or login on 09 ago. Coolants for Welding Water Coolers. PRM 15 Ton Portable Water Chiller - Air Cooled.

Best range of Stainless Steel BBQs, Kitchens, & Coolants for Welding Water Coolers.

Our process starts with taking the time to understand your requirements then determining the correct solution and equipment for your application. Step 1: Select your chiller by temperature. Opens in a new window or tab. Chiller 2-Gallon Stacker Water Jug. Carrier Air Cooled Chiller 45 TON Aqua Snap ON SALE! Capacities may be +/- 5% as reserved by the compressor manufacturer. PRM 5 Ton Portable Water Chiller - Air Cooled, 3phase 220V Opens in a new window or tab. Portable chillers typically have smaller capacities (30-40 tons or less), simpler overall designs and lower installation costs. Advantage M1-2A-CH-R410 A See all; Heavy Access Matting; Medium Access Matting; Medium Drivable/pedestrian Flooring; Heating, Cooling & Air Management. Contact Us for more information. 5-HP 1PH FLA 55 AMP MOC 90 AMP 208-240V 3-PH FLA 37 AMP MOC 60 AMP View full product details.

60 Hertz. The perfect portable coolers to keep drinks flowing are as key to game day celebrations as Weld longer without damaging your torch replace the water in your welding cooler with these coolants to prevent mineral deposits and frozen lines.

Mobile chillers will provide temporary refrigeration whenever and wherever.

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Budzar Industries has been engineering, designing and manufacturing Air-Cooled Portable Chillers and Water-Cooled Portable Chillers for over 40 Location: On Site at Perry 1 Year Parts.

phone TANKTEMP ICEBERG SOLO CC-51/53 PORTABLE GLYCOL CHILLER. Temptek, Glycol Chillers, Packaged Chillers, Central Chillers, Brew Chillers, Water Temperature Controllers, Hot Oil Controllers, Pump Tanks, Cooling Towers, Filters, Industrial Heat Transfer, Portable Chillers Portable Air and Water Cooled Chillers. Correct chiller tonnage for leaving water temp (LWT), if LWT is other than 50F: DC series small chillers use DC power supply, using coolant as heat transfer medium, transferring heat generated by other instruments or equipment that need to Trane, York, Carrier and more. Portable chillers can be moved between use points as needed.

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A portable air-cooled chiller designed by TopChiller has a cooling capacity range from 0.5Ton to 60Ton and temperature control range from 7 to 30. Price is Loading. Packaged Chillers by AEC are specially Also it has been used for gatherings of family and friends to keep the beer and food chilled, big plates and platters fit well on the shelving unlike the house fridge. Air is comprised of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Length (top)

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-Portable air-cooled chillers: These units are portable and just as functional as stationary chillers. sale tag. I have had my Chillerman chiller now for 12 months and have found many uses for it, the obvious is for hanging wild deer and pigs as well as domestic lambs all bound for the freezer. 3. At BBQ Galore, we have all the BBQ equipment you can think of on sale now at the lowest prices around. Mini Fridge Cooler Small Refrigerator Portable Compact - 6417508903. PRM 15 Ton Portable Water Chiller - Air Cooled. Contact Us. Mobile Chillers for Sale Durban South Africa. Find new and used Chillers for sale from suppliers near you. Our tank features off chamber aeration. They consist of: Compact water-cooled chiller, sized for the maximum cooling capacity required by the process and complete with tank and recirculation pump; One or more thermoregulation Buy Tents Price List Call +270722733400. Used and Refurbished Chillers for Sale | Trane, York, Carrier The minimum recommended operating temperature when no glycol is used is 48F. From the best brands and models of salamanders, grills, and turbo-chiller refrigerators, to high-quality BBQ accessories and components for your BBQ grills, theres something for everyone a BBQ Galore. Variable speed compressor operates effectively between 10% and 100% of rated capacity. Ground Protection. Mobile Cold Rooms for Sale Worldwide .

Free local pickup. Used Chillers for sale from IPP. A chiller consists of several major components: a compressor, an evaporator heat exchanger, a condenser heat exchanger, an expansion valve, and some piping and controls. Weld longer without damaging your torch replace the water in your welding cooler with these coolants to prevent mineral deposits and frozen lines. 1-10 Results for how air cooled chillers work from 428 Products

Manufacturer: Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. Unit model number: PPKH-5TD-0NN20KE-5E5-P1-G2CEUP: Equipment insurance value: Call for quote: Duct connections: 120 supply air and 120 return air: Dimensions. Mobile Kitchen Trailers Gauteng 0813270033-South Africa For Sale.

You have the leading pre-bid. What is off chamber aeration and why is it important? S A CWFL-1500 dual temperature industrial water chillers specially designed for cooling 1500W fiber lasers have multiple alarm fun. $2,950 Ex GST. Custom built Mobile Chillers and Freezer rooms NZ. North Texas Office: Dan @ 817-966-5350 South Texas Office: Mike @ 210-413-3333 options close Frigidaire portable air conditioner $350 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Portable air cooled water chiller ACWC-360-G, 460 V. Cold Shot Chillers | Houston, TX | Bob Whether you are in need of a temporary boiler for an emergency power outage or you want to purchase a boiler for a long Select color Fog. Tables, Chairs and Mobile Products like Chiller, Freezers, Portable Toilets, & VIP Portable Toilets with excellent customer service at all times. Federal Equipment offers used industrial equipment like this 15 Ton Thermal Care Chiller, Air Cooled, Model LQ2A1504. Closes: 3 Get a quote now! Featuring 1/8 to 2 ton capacity (2,100 to 24,000 BTU/hr), the portable J Series air cooled chiller is ideal for indoor plug-and-play applications. Filter Results: Rating: 94%.

Email or Call us at (503) 389-8818 for pricing information. 150 Ton Portable Air Cooled Chiller. Below you will find our various packaged chiller that we provide. LEARN MORE. Sponsored.

From food storage and preparation to heavy machinery, temperature control is a core challenge, which means that chilling equipment is always in demand. Site Access Matting.

Become a Member; Make a Donation Pick by type: Air Cooled, Cold Box Refrigerator, Compressor, Ice Machine, Low Temp, Miscellaneous, Tower, Water Cooled, Over 76 pieces in inventory for Model: MGD-10A (1) Unit Cooling Capacity. Brand New. Portable Generators - Gas 15kw - 19kw; Portable Generators - Gas 2.5kw - 10kw; Portable Inv Generators - Gas 2.5kw - 10kw; Ground Protection. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Coleman Brew Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler. Stretch Tents on Sale at Best Price. Popular Categories View all. The Chiller Bait tank offers a patent pending operating system for controlling gasses in marine storage tanks. Discover amazing local deals on second-hand fridges for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. Pump. No reserve. DC small portable chiller. Skip to main content. Equipped with casters, they are easy to move, easy to connect (using flexible hoses) and easy to start. Our chillers are energy- efficient as well as Eco-friendly. Plastic Chairs for Sale Plastic Chair for sale Manufacturers Wholesaler Mobile Chillers. Lincoln, Miller, Thermal Arc and more. Optimized cooling capacity and reliability for your critical application needs. Kreyer Chilly Max 90 Portable Glycol Chiller/Heater - 230v Single Phase, 3 Ton. 15 Items. Air Cooling & Heating Equipment - Chillers for sale listings - We have 22 listings for Chillers listed below.

They are nonconductive. for sale. Air Cooling & Heating Equipment - Chillers for sale listings - We have 22 listings for Chillers listed below. Save with Used - Very Good .

Cannabis Showcase LabX Showcase Great Deals Sign in Sell Equipment. Sale Coolers Sale Camp Furniture Sale Shelters Sale Grills & Stoves Sale Sleeping Bags Chiller 5-Quart Portable Cooler. Unique Portable mobile kitchen trailers is a fast growing dynamic business and it gives our clientele the opportunity to take their company and products to their clients and meeting all catering challenges. Search LabX. The controls of a portable water cooled chiller unit are integrated to include all motor starters and require a single point electrical connection. With offerings from brands like Trane, Tranter and York, we offer top-tier 2. What are the key factors influencing the radiant cooling systems market in each region?What will be the CAGR of the global radiant cooling systems market between 2021 and 2031?What is the future scope and current trends in terms of type and installation surface of the global radiant cooling systems market?More items View Listing. Freezer Rooms and Chiller units for sale in New Zealand. As well the technical know-how and support before, during, and after the sale. Tank Sets. With a robust condensing unit, stainless steel reservoir, and high horsepower pump, Freeze is a dependable and powerful industrial chiller that will do the job well. Add a gift receipt for easy returns.

call us : +27 (0)87 260 3485. Powerful and Portable.

Mobile Cold Rooms for Sale Worldwide, Mobile Chillers are the perfect solution for all your (2) Tons : Find new and used Chillers for sale from suppliers near you.

portable air conditioner is known as a swamp cooler or an evaporative air conditioner. Strictly speaking, its not an air conditioner, since air conditioning in which the air is treated, chilled, dehumidified and filtered needs external ventilation.The Utilitech 20 inch high-velocity 2022 10:00 ET to bid in real-time at the live webcast auction. Convert result into tons of chiller capacity. Operating at temperatures below 50 will reduce chiller capacity. Mobile Chillers. The BBQ King - One of Australia's Leading Online BBQ Store is your source for Outdoor Kitchens, Barbeques, Pizza Ovens, Fridges & more from top brands like Beefeater, Tucker, Ilve and More Lowest Prices Guaranteed.

Packaged Water Chillers. 150 Ton Portable Air Cooled Chiller. This chiller can cool fluids between 42F-80F. Packaged chillers available for 40, 50 and 60 tons and modular chillers above 60 tons.

Standard portable chiller units available from 1 30 tons and custom solutions above 60 tons. Choose from a range of recirculating chillers. Chiller 2-Gallon Stacker Water Jug.

Modular pumping groups for recirculation up to 4 pumps. Air cooled chillers are typically located in mechanical equipment rooms or in an area of the building that is close to the spot it is cooling. From food storage and preparation to heavy machinery, temperature control is a core challenge, Standard operating range from -10F (-23C) to 100F (38C) Buy It Now. ELECTROLUX 2 Door + 3 1/3 Drawer Refrigerated. Used 1.5 ton Neslab Model HX150 air cooled portable chiller. Air-Cooled chillers use indoor ambient air to dissipate the heat from the refrigeration system. Tents for Sale is one of the market leaders in manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling, retailing and stockist of quality tents at Best Selling Price.

130 ton cooling capacity. WPI can provide modular chillers, portable chillers, air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, split chillers, rack chillers, and virtually any specialty or custom water chillers. Find new and used Portable Welders for sale from suppliers near you. We are focused on the 21% oxygen. The company's head office and production facilities are located in South Africa that supplies 80% of PVC materials & aluminium all over Africa.

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3. 31 Reviews. On board machine portable chillers are units for controlling the temperature of processes, they are cooled with water coming from an external cooling system (generally an adiabatic cooler).. Air Cooled Water Chiller to provide the following cooling capacity - 3,500 BTU/Hr with a -20F leaving fluid temperature in 95F ambient air.

4 Ton Glycol Chillers; Model Power Supply Chiller Type Leaving Water Temp Price ; CXCA0048CRS1: 208/230V 1 Phase : Horizontal Chillers: Regular Temp (55F LWT) CXCA0048CR1-LT: 208/230V 1 Phase : Horizontal Chillers: Low Temp (28F LWT) CXCA0048CRS3: 208/230V 3 Phase

Coolants also tolerate colder temperatures than water.

This yields the chiller capacity required to handle the process heat load in tons per hour: Example:20 tons/hr. Reconditioned Chillers Save Money, Get Quality At Specialty Refrigeration, we are your equipment solution company for remanufactured Industrial and Commercial chillers. Industrial chillers are used to control the cooling of products, mechanisms and plants in all walks of life, China industrial Chillers manufacturers and suppliers. Air-Cooled Portable Chillers. $14.99. back to top Portable air cooled water chiller ACWC-360-G, 460 V. Cold Shot Chillers | Houston, TX TraneYear:2006Trane RTCA 080A R301 FNY Chiller, 2006-CondenserNumber of coils: 4Fins/Foot: 192Coil Length: 156Coil Height: more. United Rentals is your go-to marketplace when you need used air-cooled chillers and air systems for sale. 208/230 V 1 Phase. At WZ Machinery Systems, weve got the best Portable Industrial Chillers for sale from the best chiller manufacturers in the world. We have one of the largest inventories of state-of-the-art stock industrial boilers. This item is currently not available. Bulk Reef Supply carries JBJ Arctica chillers, which are easily the quietest chillers on the market. These self-contained chiller/pump packages are designed and constructed for user-friendly operation and provide state-of-the-art control for your everyday cooling needs. Since 1985, Power Mechanical Inc. has supplied rental boilers and boilers for sale worldwide, becoming one of the leading suppliers of boiler equipment in the United States. $12,999.99. Air and water cooled chiller systems. Mobile Chillers Chill all your food, beverages or anything you wish in our technologically manufactured mobile chillers. Divide Q (BTUs per hour) by 12,000 (the number of BTUs in one ton of cooling capacity). Freeze by North Slope Chillers is our standard, industrial grade chiller ideal for continuous critical cooling solutions. Find items by using the following search options. Mobile Cold Rooms for Sale Worldwide . Email: 1/4-Ton to 40-Tons. Supplier for Function, Party, Wedding. Shop Lab Equipment. Tents for Sale. Get free quotes from our vast network of used machinery dealers. Find items by using the following search options. All AEC Portable Chillers feature a unique design that simplifies service and maintenance while conserving valuable production floor space. Stainless steel tanks from 1,000 to 5,000 liters (260 to 1,300 gallons). Tons capacity at 12,000 BTU/ton per hour @ 50F LWT @ " 115F condensing temperature. shop by category Back.

Coleman Portable Stadium Seat Cushion | Lightweight Padded Seat for Sporting Events and Outdoor Concerts | Bleacher Cushion with Backrest. Pre-Owned. Our chillers are energy- efficient as well as Eco-friendly. Step 3: Customize your chiller. Trane, York, Carrier and more. They come in a wide array of sizes to fit your saltwater tank or mini aquarium. Kreyer Chilly Max 50 Portable Glycol Chiller/Heater - 230v Single Phase, 1.8 Ton. General.

How does variable-speed portable chillers help ? Energy savings are one of the most prominent benefits of chillers designed with variable-speed compressors. Va riable-speed technology offers benefits beyond energy savings, however. One of the most important is soft-start control, which provides two ancillary benefits: First, it effectively

If you're looking for used Chillers machines, Machine Hub is the marketplace for you. or Best Offer. $15,995.00. shop by category. These portable air-cooled chillers with a 45-77F operational temperature range with a maximum ambient temperature 95F cooling range feature environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

1.5 Ton Neslab Mdl HX150 Air Cooled Portable Chiller. Terms of Sale; Finance; Online Shop FAQ; Support open. Features and

Modular air-cooled chillers from 200 to 600 kW (56.9 to 170.7 tons), with single screw compressor and remote condenser. The air-cooled chiller uses a shell and tube evaporator to exchange heat between water and refrigerant. It is manufactured by S&A Teyu Chiller which is a China-based industrial chiller supplier with 19 years of experience. The brazed plate evaporator offers efficient cooling for many processes, including clean oil applications.

$4,200. All Categories. Temperature range from -10F (-23C) to 100F (38C) Temperature control to within 0.5F.

Having the right portable chillers sale can make a huge difference in industrial operations. CHILLERS! favorite this post Jul 4 FREE King sized metal bed frame and box spring $0 WARING PRO WINE CHILLER $75 (New Hartford) pic